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In New Zealand, Federation Daisies are managed by Trents Nurseries.
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The bold, bright - and simply beautiful Federation Daisies are the exciting result of the breeding work of NuFlora International, a long time collaboration between the Plant Breeding Institute of the University of Sydney and respected Sydney growers, Glenfield Nursery.

Their brief was to breed and select superior forms of these marguerite daisies, timeless garden treasures, with emphasis on compact form, resistance to weather, fading and disease, clarity of colour, freedom of flowering - and the ability to "self-clean," a feature that varies among these new selections.

Just a small part of NuFlora International's Sydney trial grounds
Plants are bred and selected for their habit of producing strong basal (=sideways) growth yielding a bush that's compact and tidy. Little pruning is needed to maintain shape through the season and the years ahead. Another desirable characteristic is the plant's ability to "self clean", the production of new blooms on top of spent flowers so the bush always looks "clean". Unsightly dead heads are not easily visible. Other desirable traits include improved disease, harsh-weather and fade resistance, early flowering with an abundance of flowers that last a long time.

Not all in the series feature all of these traits, but one thing we can be sure of is that the selection criteria is tough and these plants are simply getting better and better. Culling of plants that do not meet the criteria is rigorous. Each they plant out around 25,000 seedlings with the expectation of selecting just a dozen or so for further testing next year.

The programme has received international acclaim. Federation Daisies are sold by the million throughout Europe and the United States. International testing sites have been established in California, Atlanta in the eastern USA, Spain and the UK, as well as in Sydney, the home of the Federation Daisy!

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