Growing Federation Daisies

  • Although best grown in full sun, Federation Daisies will tolerate some shade
  • Plant in well-drained soil, but don’t let them dry out over summer.  The first tell tale sign of the plant not getting enough water is a yellowing of the foliage in the middle of the bush.
  • Try to avoid planting daisies in areas subject to harsh winds.  The plants will grow okay, but the harsh winds blow the flowers about and plants can look unsightly after a storm.
  • To keep patio pots in flower and looking good summer, deadhead the daisies regularly for a constant flush of flowers and feed with a liquid fertiliser.
  • Daisies need little by way of maintenance, a feed at the beginning of spring and the occasional trim to tidy, retain vigour and encourage further flowering.
  • A layer of mulch will greatly improve growth, conserve moisture and help suppress weed growth
  • While tolerant of light frosts for short periods it is best to provide shelter from harsh frost.
  • In autumn, trim a little more extensively, cutting no more than a third of the bush off, and doing it early enough so the plant has a chance to begin to grow again before going into winter and frosts starting.  A good guide as to just how much to cut back is to leave behind 5-10cm of the fresh season’s growth.  Do not cut too near the brown “older” wood.
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